Man and Woman of the Year
Criteria for Selection

The procedure for nominating and selecting the Man and Woman of the Year shall be as follows:

  1. There must be a nominator who will submit a nomination in writing on a form provided and approved by the selection committee to include the relevant information about the nominee. To prevent the process from being a “popularity contest,” the committee will be charged to base their decision on the information provided in the nomination submitted, not on the personal knowledge that they might or might not have of the nominee.
  2. The nominator shall submit their name, address, and phone number in case the selection committee should need additional information.
  3. The nominee does not have to be a member of the Big Spring Area Chamber of Commerce, but the nominator must be a member.
  4. The selection will be made on the basis of all around contributions to the community, not just for extraordinary performance in the individual’s business or employment. The nominee should have a consistent track record of accomplishments rather than being honored for a single act of merit; although a single contribution or achievement is not ruled out if it is of sufficient importance.
  5. The term “community” as used above should be taken to relate to the “area” served by the Big Spring Area Chamber of Commerce.
  6. Those currently holding a political office should not be eligible for nomination.
  7. Deadline set prior to banquet date.

Man/Woman of the Year Application (PDF)

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Man and Woman of the Year Nomination
Big Spring Area Chamber of Commerce
215 W. 3rd or P.O. Box 1391
Big Spring, TX 79721

Man and Woman of the Year Recipients
Year Man Woman
1972 Clyde McMahon, Sr. N/A
1973 Dr. J. E. Hogan N/A
1974 Adolph Swartz Dorothy Garrett
1975 Paul Meek
Joe Pickle
Janelle Davis
1976 Dearl Pittman Polly Mays
1977 B. Winston Wrinkle Johnnie Lou Avery
1978 Roger Brown Marj Carpenter
1979 Wade Choate Edna Womack
1980 Granville Hahn Annie Matt Angel
1981 John Taylor Mary Joy Cowper
1982 Dr. P.W. Malone Agnes Currie
1983 Ralph McLaughlin Jane Thomas
1984 Dr. Clyde Thomas Myra Robinson
1985 Owen Ivie Frances Wheat
1986 J. Arnold Marshall Marie Hall
1987 R. H. Weaver Billie McLaughlin
1988 Jimmy Taylor Katie Grimes
1989 Clyde McMahon, Jr. Marilyn Newsom
1990 Hooper Sanders Shirley Shroyer
1991 Don Newsom Joyce Crooker
1992 Jim Bill Little Cheri Sparks
1993 Richard Atkins Mamie Lee Dodds
1994 Jerry Worthy Beverly McMahon
1995 Toots Mansfield Margaret Lloyd
1996 Harold Davis Kate Irons
1997 Mel Prather Dr. Louise Worthy
1998 Ben Bancroft Pat Simmons
1999 Tommy Churchwell Sue Partee
2000 Carroll Jennings Susan Zack Lewis
2001 Robert (Bobby) Hill Jane Jones
2002 Clarance Hartfield, Jr. JoAnne Forrest
2003 Bobby McDonald Linda Conway
2004 Ron Logback Jan Foresyth
2005 Terry Hansen Diane Wood
2006 Jim Little JoBeth Corwin
2007 Hayes Stripling, Jr. Janice Bond
2008 Carl Bradley Jan Hansen
2009 Drew Mouton Jeanie Knocke
2010 Russ McEwen Verna Davis
2011 Mark Marchesseault Sherry Hodnett